Nightly Build 1.9!

Welcome to Chevereto NB 1.9

Thank you for downloading the latest version of Chevereto, in this release our main goal was add jQuery support and say godbye to You can see all the changes in the version notes.


Chevereto runs on almost any server with PHP5 support. Along with this, you need to have cURL and GD library. These requirements are very common for most commercial servers (even on free hostings).

Quick Install

Go to the "Upload" folder and edit "config.php" within the parameters of your needs. Finally upload the contents of this folder to your server. Thats all ... really.

Problems with the installation

Try editing the file "config.php", if you are sure that the configuration is correct try to set CHMOD 777 to the folders inside "up", CHMOD 777 to "images" and also"thumbs". Please notice that this represents a huge security risk (more info).. Still no luck?, enable debug and swift notify this error in the development forum.

Not so common issues...

In some servers (bad ones) they don't have a right config of the $_SERVER variables.If the script doesn't work and the debug says that there is dome about "can't change directory" is likely that your server has problems with this variables. So, you must fix $DOM_SCRIPT in "config.php". Config.php says how you must edit this variables.


We have included manuals and needed files to create your own Firefox extension, Bookmarklet and avoid Hotlinking.

Get Involved with Chevereto

If you use Chevereto and you like it, you may want to help us spreading our initiative. You have many ways to do it, your imagination is the limit. You can find more ways to contribute on our website.


Chevereto is released under the GPL. license.txt